Free to Move Sessions


Studying and applying the principles of movement, Inez Musgrove has spent 25 years refining her interest in human bio-mechanics.

Inez looks for areas of restricted movement and identifies dysfunctional movement patterns and delivers solutions. Applying her knowledge and understanding, Inez empowers her clients to maintain and enhance their wellbeing.

Inez’s thorough assessment does three things:

  1. Identifies the key indicators that inhibit movement
  2. Reveals patterns that can prevent recovery, and
  3. Tailors a program to improve the body’s fluency, power and flow.
Inez is your “guide by your side”. She delivers personalised movement solutions in a simple and easy to follow manner, and her top priority is to provide the optimum treatments and outcomes for her clients.
Private, individual one on one consultations with Inez Musgrove for:
  • high performance athletes
  • enhancing physical ability
  • restoring general wellbeing