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Support Programs

Regardless of your age or level of fitness our support programs offer you a pathway out of pain and then assist you to regain and maintain greater level of mobility, flexibility, and stability.

At every level you will learn how to reactivate your body without the need for painful manipulations.  By gently and consistently applying the science of our Individual Movement Solutions System we help you address chronic pain, increase your range of movement and develop a newfound confidence in your body.
To discuss which level of support is right for you call INEZ today on 0418 898 328 or by email inez@freetomove.net.au
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Our Most Popular


Our premium level of support is our Recover program.

Designed for people suffering from chronic pain and whose mobility is being severely hampered.

The program includes a blend of personalised Soft Tissue Body Work and Mobility, Flexibility & Strength training; the one on one application of the Free to Move Individual Movement Solution “total immersion, just for you”

Total Movement Immersion



Billed as A$260 per month


The Regain Program is designed to help people who have noticed their range of movement is diminishing.

The regain program ensures you can continue to maintain an active life as well as do day to day activities without pain.

Guide by Your Side



Billed as A$99 per month


The base level program is designed to ensure people of all ages can maintain their flexibility, strength, and stability.

To maintain balance, and co-ordination it is essential that you keep your muscles and joints activated through a regular program.

Weekly Workout



Billed as A$65 per month
To discuss which level of support is right for you call INEZ today on 
0418 898 328 or by email inez@freetomove.net.au
Level 1
Weekly Workout
Billed monthly at $65
monthly $399 $15 per week
Level 2
Daily Energiser
Billed monthly at $99
monthly $399 $23 per week
Level 3
Total Movement Immersion
Billed monthly at $260
monthly $399 $60 per week

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