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Wanting to restore your mobility, 
flexibility and stability

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we can help!

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Getting older no longer means having to experience a loss of mobility or reduced range of movement.

Now, thanks to Free to Move's proven IMS (Individual Movement Solution) you can learn how to reactivate your body.

This pain free process gently helps you to…
Reactivate restrictions in your body.
Restore strength, balance, and range of movement.
Maintain your mobility and reduce aches and pains.
Waking up stiff and sore? You want to get back to doing the activities you love again? or you simply want to eliminate the fear of falling and restore balance & stability?

Free To Move’s revolutionary approach to combatting the physical effects of ageing is the first perfect step.

If you are ready to restore your range of movement here's all you need to do.


Secure your complimentary movement consultation today to identify your specific mobility challenges.


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Restore your mobility and enjoy the chance to do more of the things you love with greater flexibility and less restriction.

What our clients are saying

Since reaching my 60’s and having a knee replaced I noticed I was getting increasingly stiff and tight. I was having trouble doing everyday activities around the house. Thanks to Free to Move’s program I have regained flexibility in my hips, ankles, shoulders and back. I feel 20 years younger. This program really works.
Deborah Lovett, Aged 61
I saw an immediate improvement after my first session. I have gone from experiencing cramps and constantly fearing falling to dancing around my kitchen. This program has not only helped me regain my flexibility, balance, and confidence. It’s great fun! 
Lyn Goodchild, Aged 73
Following Chemo treatment I was feeling really stuck and unmotivated. After the very first class with Inez, I really felt the difference. The gentle slow movement you are taught complete changing the way my body felt, particularly my feet. I didn’t realise just how much my feet were impacting my overall feeling of wellbeing. Today I walk differently and from the feet up I feel more flexible. It is quite extraordinary.
Gayle Jewson, Aged 66

How it works

The IMS (Individual Movement Solution) taught in our classes and our individual consultations offers you a simple, gentle way to retrain your body and rapidly restore mobility.

This proven system allows ageing bodies to improve their range of motion and help maintain flexibility, balance and strength so you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

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